Research Grants

The Society administers three research funds, and members are invited to apply by the end of January each year for grants awarded in March or April.


The Eric Fletcher Fund was established in 1984 for postgraduate research students and early career researchers for research-related travel and conference attendance. This fund is available to individual members of the Society wishing to undertake personal archaeological research. Applications for assistance to attend relevant conferences, or for study tours, are also invited. Awards do not normally exceed £500.

The Sudreys Fund was set up in 1992 to offer an annual award or awards totalling in the region of £500 for travel related to research in the field of Viking studies. The award is not available for the completion of post-graduate dissertations. Sudreys travel grants are available five weeks before the start of the journey so that full advantage may be taken of reduced fares, etc.

The Medieval Archaeology Research Grant was established in 1990 and offers awards of up to £1000. Applicants must be individual members of the Society wishing to carry out personal research. Excluded are the costs of any excavation or the payment of academic fees. We do not fund the hosting of conferences.

In addition to the guidelines specific to each of our funding schemes, please also note that we cannot fund the purchase of capital equipment or software, academic fees, or the salary of applicants (although fees for specialists/consultants are eligible).

We welcome applications from graduate students but do not normally fund core elements of doctoral research where the costs could have been foreseen at the start of the research programme (although additional analytical research and travel are eligible); funding for doctoral students does not normally exceed £500.

Applicants for the Society’s grants should download this application form: SMA-grant-application-form and return it by email to the Secretary for Prizes and Grants, Dr Catriona McKenzie via by January 31st.