Series Editor: Alejandra Gutiérrez, Cotswold Archaeology.

UK – ISSN: 0583-9106

The Society has published a series of monographs for more than 50 years. It covers a full range of topics and site types including cemeteries and burials, rural settlement, towns, industry, religious and monastic sites, manors and moats together with more synthetic conference volumes on specific themes.

All the publications are fully refereed with the aim of publishing at the highest academic level reports on sites of national and international importance, and of encouraging the widest debate possible through publication of the Society’s conference proceedings. The series’ objectives are to cover the broadest chronological and geographical range and to assemble a series of volumes which reflect the changing intellectual and technical scope of the discipline.

Monograph Covers

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SMA monographs:

44 N Palmer and J Parkhouse (2023) Burton Dassett Southend, Warwickshire: A medieval market village

43 C Gerrard, P Forlin and P J Brown (2020) Waiting for the End Of The World? New Perspectives on Natural Disasters In Medieval Europe

42 L Butler and C Gerrard (2020) Faxton: Excavations in a Deserted Northamptonshire Village 1966–68

41 S Semple, A Sanmark, F Iversen and N Mehler (2020) Negotiating the North: Meeting-Places in the Middle Ages in the North Sea Zone [free and full open access from]

40 A Young (2020) Eckweek, Peasedown St John, Somerset: Survey and Excavation at a Shrunken Medieval Hamlet

39 D Rollason (ed) (2017) Princes of the Church and Their Palaces

38 D M Hadley and C Dyer (eds) (2017) The Archaeology of the 11th Century: Continuities and Transformations

37 J H Barrett and S J Gibbon (eds) (2016) Maritime Societies of the Viking and Medieval World

36 R Cramp (2014) The Hirsel Excavations

35 N Christie and O Creighton with M Edgeworth and H Hamerow (2013) Transforming Townscapes. From Burh to Borough: the Archaeology of  Wallingford, AD 800–1400

34 S Rátkai (2013) Wigmore Castle, North Herefordshire: Excavations 1996 and 1998

33 J Hines and A Bayliss (eds) (2013) Anglo-Saxon Graves and Grave Goods of the 6th and 7th Centuries AD: A Chronological Framework

32 R Barrowman (2011) The Chapel and Burial Ground on St Ninian’s Isle, Shetland: Excavations Past and Present

31 I H Goodall (2011) Ironwork in Medieval Britain: an Archaeological Study

30 R Gilchrist and A Reynolds (eds) (2009) Reflections: 50 Years of Medieval Archaeology, 1957–2007

29 N Edwards (2009) The Archaeology of the Early Medieval Celtic Churches

28 G Beresford (2009) Caldecote. The Development and Desertion of a Hertfordshire Village

27 C Scull (2009) Early Medieval (Late 5th–early 8th Centuries AD) Cemeteries at Boss Hall and Buttermarket, Ipswich, Suffolk

26 C Caple (2007) Excavations at Dryslwyn Castle 1980–95

25 C Gerrard with M Aston (2007) The Shapwick Project, Somerset. A Rural Landscape Explored

24 A Saunders (2006) Excavations at Launceston Castle, Cornwall

23 S M Foster and M Cross (eds) (2005) Able Minds and Practised Hands: Scotland’s Early Medieval Sculpture in the 21st Century

22 K Giles and C Dyer (eds) (2005) Town and Country in the Middle Ages: Contrasts, Contacts and Interconnections, 1100−1500

21 W D Klemperer and N Boothroyd (2004) Excavations at Hulton Abbey, Staffordshire 1987−1994

20 J Hines, A Lane and M Redknap (eds) (2004) Land, Sea and Home

19 P Mayes (2003) Excavations at a Templar Preceptory. South Witham, Lincolnshire 1965−67

18 S T Driscoll (2002) Excavations at Glasgow Cathedral 1988−1997

17 S Lucy and A Reynolds (eds) (2002) Burial in Early Medieval England and Wales

16 D A Hinton (2000) A Smith in Lindsey: the Anglo-Saxon Grave at Tattershall Thorpe, Lincolnshire

15 D Gaimster and P Stamper (eds) (1997) The Age of Transition: the Archaeology of English Culture 1400−1600

14 K Parfitt and B Brugmann (1997) The Anglo-Saxon Cemetery on Mill Hill, Deal, Kent

13 V L Yanin, E N Nosov, A S Khoroshev, A N Sorokin, E A Rybina, V L Povetkin and P G Gaidukov (1992) The Archaeology of Novgorod, Russia

12 D Austin (1989) The Deserted Medieval Village of Thrislington, Co Durham: Excavations 1973−1974

11 J G Hurst and P A Rahtz (general eds) Wharram. A Study of Settlement on the Yorkshire Wolds, vol III: R D Bell, M W Beresford and others (1987) The Church of St Martin

10 P Mayes and K Scott (1984) Pottery Kilns at Chilvers Coton, Nuneaton

9 C M Mahany, A Burchard and G Simpson (1982) Excavations at Stamford, Lincolnshire, 1963−69

8 J G Hurst (general ed) Wharram. A Study of Settlement on the Yorkshire Wolds, vol I: D D Andrews and G Milne (eds) (1979) Domestic Settlement I: Areas 10 and 6

7 H Clarke and A Carter (1977) Excavations in King’s Lynn, 1963−1970

6 G T M Beresford (1975) The Medieval Clay-land Village: Excavations at Goltho and Barton Blount

5 H E J Le Patourel (1973) The Moated Sites of Yorkshire

4 A L Meaney and S C Hawkes (1970) Two Anglo-Saxon Cemeteries at Winnall, Winchester, Hampshire

3 P A Rahtz (1969) Excavations at King John’s Hunting Lodge, Writtle, Essex, 1955−57

2 F W B Charles (1967) Medieval Cruck-building and its Derivatives

1 G Bersu and D M Wilson (1966) Three Viking Graves in the Isle of Man