List of Officers and Council


Professor Oliver Creighton (2022-) – Department of Archaeology, University of Exeter


Vice Presidents

Dr Catherine Hills (2017-2022) – Newnham College, University of Cambridge

Gordon Noble (2021-2026) – Department of Archaeology, University of Aberdeen

Julian Richards (2021-2026) – Department of Archaeology, University of York


Honorary Vice-Presidents

Professor Christopher Dyer (2011- ) – Centre for English Local History, University of Leicester

Professor James Graham-Campbell (2001- ) – Institute of Archaeology , University College London

Professor David Hinton (2001-) – Department of Archaeology, University of Southampton

Sir David Wilson – Sometime Director, British Museum


Honorary Secretary

Dr Karen Milek – Department of Archaeology, Durham University


Honorary Treasurer

Dr Duncan Sayer – School of Forensic and Investigative Sciences, University of Central Lancashire


Honorary Editor

Dr Aleks Pluskowski – Department of Archaeology, University of Reading

Deputy Editor

Dr Duncan Wright – Department of Archaeology, Newcastle University


Reviews Editor

Professor Neil Christie – School of Archaeology and Ancient History, University of Leicester


Monographs Editor

Dr Alejandra Gutierrez – Dr Alejandra Gutierrez – Cotswold Archaeology



Newsletter Editor

Dr Niall Brady – The Archaeological Diving Company Ltd


Website Editor

Dr Sarah Kerr – Department of Archaeology, Aarhus University


Secretary for Prizes and Grants

Dr Alice Blackwell – National Museums Scotland


Membership Secretary 

Dr Sarah Kerr – Department of Archaeology, Aarhus University


Council Members


Dr Meriel McClatchie – School of Archaeology, University College Dublin

Dr Andy Seaman – Cardiff University, School of History, Archaeology and Religion

Dr Duncan Wright – School of History, Classics and Archaeology, Newcastle University


Dr Karen Dempsey – School of Geography, Archaeology & Irish Studies, NUI Galway

Dr Katherine Weikert – Department of History

Mr Craig Cessford – Cambridge Archaeological Unit


Student Representative (2021)
Arthur Redmonds – University of Exeter