Ballintober Castle

Ballintober Castle is an early 14th-century keepless castle in County Roscommon, Ireland, built by Richard de Burgh on the doorstep of the O’Conor kings of Connacht. The site is being excavated as part of the Castles in Communities project, which is an archaeological and anthropological research fieldschool, which takes a holistic approach to what is a landscape study. The goal is to combine academic research, field school pedagogy, and intensive community engagement to investigate Ballintober in the past and present, focusing on the later medieval period.  This is accomplished by incorporating many methodologies to create a more holistic understanding of the region and its inhabitants, including pedestrian or walkover surveys, the gathering of cultural narratives, topographic and geophysical survey, and archaeological excavation.

To find out more about the site and  also the Castle in Communities project, visit their website here.