SMA Council

The Society for Medieval Archaeology Council meet three times a year undertake the business of the Society, and to come together to discuss publications (monograph series, journal, newsletter and website), forthcoming events (such as the postgraduate colloquium) and options for study tours and workshops.

Council members are elected from our membership for a three year term, which can be renewed once. We have a President, whose role it is to act as Chair of Council meetings and to steer the Society during their term of office. The President is supported by Vice Presidents, Honorary Vice Presidents, Officers of Council and Members of Council. For a full list of our current Council, you can find a link below.

All members of Council are professionals and researchers who are actively interested in medieval archaeology, and who are often recognised as leading researchers in their field. Many aspects of the discipline are represented, and we are always keen to ensure that Council reflects the breadth of both the subject and the profession of archaeology. If you are interested in putting yourself forward for Council, elections are held on an annual basis at our AGM (generally held during the first week of December).

Meet the President

Professor Oliver Creighton  is our current SMA President. Follow the above link to find out a bit more about Ollie and his work.

Meet the Officers and Council

Follow this link to find the full of our current Council and Officers, including links to their own web profiles.