SMA Autumn Conference – call for papers

Posted On: January 14th, 2014

Temporary and Seasonal Sites and Settlements in Medieval Europe

5-7 December 2014, Rewley House, University of Oxford

The Society for Medieval Archaeology’s 2014 conference will consider sites and settlements used for brief episodes – fishing bases, army camps, miners’ huts and charcoal burner’s shelters, as well as those used on a recurrent, often seasonal basis, such as those associated with transhumance and fair sites. Speakers will address the issues of recognizing and dating such sites, the nature of temporary buildings, and will explore what they tell us about economic development, changes in land use, the environment and military strategy.

Proposals for papers should be sent to Professor Helena Hamerow ( and take the form of a hundred-word summary that, if accepted, may be used in the conference programme.

The closing date for the receipt of proposals is 1 February 2014.

For more information, please download our conference flier: SMA Autumn conference 2014