NEW SMA Monograph now available!

Posted On: January 8th, 2016

Maritime Societies Flyer.inddThe latest SMA monograph to be published, the 37th in the series, is Maritime Societies of the Viking and Medieval World. This collection of 24 papers is edited by James H Barrett and Sarah Jane Gibbon and focuses on the Baltic, North and Irish Seas in the Viking Age (AD 790–1050) and early Middle Ages (AD 1050–1200), with a few later examples (such as the Scottish Lordship of the Isles) included to help illuminate less well-documented earlier centuries. Individual chapters introduce maritime worlds ranging from the Isle of Man to Gotland — while also touching on the relationships between estate centres, towns, landing places and the sea in the more terrestrially oriented societies that surrounded northern Europe’s main spheres of maritime interaction. The monograph is now available from Oxbow Books.