MERC Sessions at EAA 2018

Posted On: February 1st, 2018

The Society for Medieval Archaeology is delighted to see over 30 MERC -affiliated sessions submitted for the 24th Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists, which will be held in Barcelona, 5-8th September 2018. 

The complete list of sessions affiliated to MERC, therefore focusing on medieval archaeology, are listed below.

The call for paper and poster submissions is now open. The abstracts can be viewed on the EAA website – simply search for the session using the session number preceding the title listed below.

The deadline is 15th February 2018.
82 Islamicate Archeology in Europe: past, present and future

92 Interpreting and Understanding the Past through Medieval Small Finds

96 Forum Medieval Archaeology (MERC): The mediterranean as connection and gateway in the Middle Ages.

130 Elite Settlement in the Countryside of Early Medieval Europe (5th-10th centuries AD): Challenging Assumptions and New Directions

150 Museum Presentation in a challenged world

168 Advances in Environmental Archaeology in the Post-Classical Mediterranean World

184 Perspectives on things, people and places AD 1500-2018

208 To your health! Tracing health in urban environments in medieval Northern Europe.

245 Issues on the archaeology of Jewish cemeteries: urban development, heritage preservation and risk management

279 Pirenne vs. Glass: The contribution of archaeological and archaeometric glass analysis to the study of early medieval long-distance trade networks

305 Deploying the Dead II: Dead Bodies and Social Transformations

358 Glaze production technology in the medieval and post-medieval Mediterranean

413 Re-thinking medieval and early modern pestilences from a biosocial perspective: advanced methods and renewed concepts in archaeological sciences

431 Elite culture in medieval and post-medieval archaeology

483 Roads of the North. Medieval and early modern infrastructure of travel and exchange in the far north

521 The Mediterranean in the North: the material evidence of distant contacts, AD 1000-1800

536 Urban Geoarchaeology

540 Approaches to Medieval Buildings: the past, present, and future of interpretation and management

561 Archaeological indicators for the identification of medieval Jewish populations

565 Ecclesiastical landscapes in Medieval Europe. A comparative approach

568 Food and Drink in Archaeology: multi-disciplinary approaches to past food practices

599 Interdisciplinary Approaches to Early Medieval Transitions

612 Transdisciplinary and participative approaches to Cultural Landscapes

639 The value of objects in medieval rural settlement

679 Medieval Non-Places: Sites of Transience in the Medieval World

686 Silver, status and society – transition from late Roman to Early Medieval Europe

721 Connections and concurrencies: The global turn in historical archaeology and future challenges in European historical archaeology.

726 Farming under the Crescent moon: archaeological insights into the medieval ‘Islamic Green Revolution’

733 Archaeology of Byzantine and Romanesque Churches in Central and South-East Europe (8th to 13th century)

747 Archaeology of Visigothic and Carolingian Europe (5th-9th Centuries)

760 ‘…In with the New!’: The future of archaeological research in Medieval Europe

766 The synergic approach to preserving and restoring chalk monuments, artefacts, romane mosaics and fresco surfaces with archeomaterials [CIfA]