Medieval And Later Pottery Research Group Conference

Posted On: June 20th, 2023

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Rubbish, Recycling & Curation:

the reuse and disposal of ceramics

MLPRG One-Day Conference, 1st July 2023

The Studio, 7 Cannon St, Birmingham, B2 5EP AND online!

Join us at our hybrid conference, in person or online, as we discuss aspects of pottery reuse, recycling and curation, from the Saxon period onwards.

Pottery is most frequently found in the archaeological record as a result of domestic refuse disposal, but the trail from use to deposition may not be quite that simple. Pots can be reused from their original purpose, either with or without adaptation, they may be curated beyond their original period of use and they may also be used as accompaniments for the dead. Their disposal may not be a single act, and primary refuse may be recycled more than one before eventual deposition.

Conference papers include:

Stephanie Ratkai – working title ‘Cess and the single girl – sometimes life is the pits’

Lisa Backhouse – Roman curation, or re-use? A curious assemblage from 5th/6th century Kent

Nigel Jefferies – Witch bottles

Chris Jarrett – An improvised sarcophagus for a pet burial at Walham Green, Fulham London

Naomi Payne – Somerset Medieval and Post-Medieval Pottery Fabric Type Series: an introduction

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