Exciting travel opportunity for scholars interested in aspects of Byzantine, Islamic, Crusader and Jewish culture

Posted On: January 31st, 2015

SOAS University of London Project




Funded by the Getty Foundation



SOAS University of London is looking for ten early career academics, curators or PhD students to take part in an international seminar programme looking at mediaeval art. This programme will take place over two years, and comprise four field trips to study medieval art and archaeology at first hand. The trips will be to Turkey (June 2015), Israel (November 2015), Greece (June 2016) and Jordan (November 2016), with each one lasting up to ten days. Those taking part will be accompanied by medievalists from the United States, Britain and elsewhere.

The programme is open to researchers into diverse aspects of Byzantine, Islamic, Crusader and Jewish culture, aged under 45. This includes researchers from any discipline dealing with these subjects, not only art historians or archaeologists.

Museum curators and researchers in government and non-government agencies dealing with artefacts from this period and location are also welcome to apply. The programme is also open to people resident in any part of the world, although those resident in the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East are particularly welcome to apply.

All air fares, accommodation, food and travel of the participants will be paid for. The deadline for applications is 15 March 2015.